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Emily Nicole

   I'm Emily Nicole, doula, documenting, videographer, CAPPA & Hypnobabies trained birth & postpartum doula, Novant Health credentialed team member specializing in Cesareans and High Risk births,  APNPI Newborn certified & first APNPI accredited birth photographer on the East coast; recognized by IAPBP, Motherly, What to expect when you're expecting, HuffPost - maternity, and Birth Becomes her, and currently seeking a masters of integrated marketing communications to advance my knowledge in my field and aspirations as a creator.

In the minds eye, exists a highlight reel of simplified nuances, the best expressions and characteristics of events, people and brands.  I apply this to my creative approach, I want the lifestyle galleries and videos I deliver to clients to represent our combined visions - the candid nuances and talent of each subject portrayed in natural light and settings.


I find genuine fulfillment not only in my creative roles and inspiring other business owners, but also in helping women and neurodiverse families find their inner strength. I observe emotional, physical and intellectual consent as a doula, as they bring forth their children. I believe in advocating for the parents' voices and birthing autonomy, trusting their ability to decide the birthing plan, and simply supporting that plan- giving insight or sharing information only when asked.

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