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Emily Nicole Quezada,
Neurodiverse professional and birth workerFounder of Impressions, CAPPA trained birth & postpartum doula, student of midwifery, photographer & videographer, experienced hypnobabies studied doula,  APNPI certified & first APNPI accredited birth photographer on the East coast.
Recognized by IAPBP, Motherly, What to expect when you're expecting, Huffpost - maternity, Birth Becomes her.

In the minds eye, exists the highlight reel of those we love, the best impressions their best expressions and characteristics, so when they tell us something about themselves they don't like, we have to think for a moment - because we truly did not notice, those things are filtered out.  I apply this to my work, I want the lifestyle galleries and videos I deliver to clients to represent the minds eye highlight reel - the empathy in your eyes, the sparkle in your laugh, the intention in your parenting, the connection in your touch with family, the wisdom in your expression - all the best impressions of you in my minds eye's highlight reel. 

The best I see in others follows me throughout my work. I am a passionate autistic woman, birth worker, mother, wife, sister, vegan, artist (painter) and musician. I find genuine fulfillment in helping women and neurodiverse families find their inner strength with emotional, physical and intellectual consent, as they bring forth their children, as well as researching birth to reconcile science and nature, and improve the field and care that is provided for families in my community.

I am pursuing my master's in psychology to supplement my birth / postpartum care and support of the neurodiverse community with therapy and social education. I believe in advocating for a mothers voice and birthing autonomy, trusting her ability to decide her plan, and simply supporting that plan- giving insight or sharing information only when asked.
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