"After several losses it was important to me to have a doula who could be empathetic and supporting. Emily & Gaby were all of that and more. I had a bit of a hard time with labor; I was struggling with anxiety and it was keeping me from progressing, but Emily knew what to do. Honestly, if it weren't for her I probably would've been transferred to the hospital. She guided me through labor with immense compassion and care. She helped me find my power to deliver my daughter and for that I will be forever grateful. I wouldn't have been able to have the birth I had my heart set on if not for her. I count myself as one of the lucky ones for having her on my birthing floor. We will definitely be inviting them to support us again."
- Morgan
"In April, 2018, I had the privilege of meeting Emily during the labor and birth of my granddaughter. The quality of her work is exemplary and top-notch. Her professionalism and commitment to her clients is beyond words. I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 14 years and have worked with many midwives and doulas. I can say without a doubt that Emily was, is, and will continue to be a very compassionate, tender, giving one, as a doula now and midwife in the future. No amount of schooling or training can teach a person to have those qualities, they must come from within. Emily displays and practices those qualities and more. The video and pictures Emily & Shelley produced are amazing and truly captured the beauty of the experience. To say I am pleased with their team and Emily's company is a complete understatement."
"I don't even know how to sum up how grateful I am in this review. Emily and Christa are so incredibly gifted at what they do. Their talent is unmatched and their passion behind it is inspiring and beautiful. They have captured some of the most intimate, sacred moments for our family and I will probably cry every time I watch our birth video. We are so grateful that we chose Impressions to support and capture our journey of pregnancy and birth. We love you!!!"