COVID-19 and Pregnancy Facts + Resources


  1. The most up to date data shows that Covid-19 is NOT transferred to your baby via amniotic fluid or breast milk. 

  2. Current data also shows that antibodies for the virus for Covid-19 have been found in both breast milk and amniotic fluid

  3. Pregnant women and postpartum women are immune compromised to a degree and at this time considered high risk for Covid-19.

  4. It is recommended that pregnant and postpartum mothers stay home, wear masks and gloves if it is essential go out, and continue to nurse postpartum. 

  5. Pregnant and postpartum women with extra conditions, such as those related to the heart and blood pressure (Preeclampsia for example), or gestational diabetes should take extra precaution.

  6. All photo and video sessions will be PPE observed, 10 feet+ distance limit for your photographer/ videographer and a longer range mm lens used.

  7. Doula services for home births and birth centers remain essential, doula maternity and postpartum sessions will be changed to face-time check-in sessions, and labors will be attended with proper PPE and safety regulations observed.

  8. Your Impressions team has remained in self quarantine and followed all guidelines to limit possible exposure.

  9. Health advisory regarding children and the covid 19 related inflammatory syndrome:



World Health Organization


International Lactation Consultant Association


Academic study findings "Among 6 mothers with confirmed COVID-19, SARS-CoV-19 was not detected in the serum or throat swab by RT-PCR in any of their newborns. However, virus-specific antibodies were detected in neonatal blood sera samples.

More resources will be added as the situation develops! Connect with us below with any questions or needs, we are here to support and serve local moms!